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Please download and print petition to open Scratchgravel Hills to motorized recreation. Please sign and return to CTVA. Ask your friends to sign also.
Table of Wilderness Visits to Montana National Forests versus Multiple-Use Visits
Table Imbalance of Opportunity
Table of Cumulative Effects on Motorized Recreationists
Environmental Lawsuit Statistics - See Also
Frivolous Enviro Lawsuits Hurt Economy, Environment & Taxpayer


H.R. 1157, The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act

H.R. 3334 would designate certain National Forest System lands and public lands under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Interior in the States of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming as wilderness and wild and scenic rivers, to provide for the establishment of a Northern Rockies Wildlife Habitat and Corridors Information System and Program. ...more

Testor Wants More Wilderness!!
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