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Fun Run 2016

2016 CTVA Fun Run

The event was held at Hellgate campground on Canyon Ferry Lake over Father’s Day weekend with 109 people in attendance. The weather was sunny and beautiful aside from a Friday evening thunder shower. The Friday evening “potluck dinner” was a big hit with everyone with One Way Marine providing the main course of fried chicken and members bringing numerous delicious side dishes. Following the dinner a discussion was held with local law enforcement officers concerning laws that apply to ATV and OHV vehicle riders. Following a rider safety presentation on Saturday morning, everyone headed out to ride the numerous routes that consisted of ? miles. Due to the popularity of over 50 inch vehicles, a third route was added this year consisting of 40 miles. Following the Saturday evening dinner, silent and live auctions were held and door prizes presented. Wrap up on Sunday consisted of a trail clean up ride to leave the environment in better shape than before our event. Thank you to all the volunteers that did the route planning, cooking and organizing this fun and memorable event.

Elkhorn Ride


Greetings from the Capital Trail Vehicle Association in Helena Montana. We are in discussion about how to add a page on our website for people to post their information to locate riding buddies to share rides with.
Our member hosted trail rides are being well attended although some of them have had to be rescheduled due to Montana’s erratic weather. Our June ride in the Elkhorn Mountains via Radersburg Pass had 15 people attend. It was 32 miles long and was an all ATV-OHV vehicle ride that was good for beginner riders. The ride took in the town of Elkhorn, the Elkhorn Cemetery, Radersburg Pass and the Queens Mine. We saw some elk and fantastic views of Elkhorn Peak, Crow Peak, the Pioneer and Anaconda/Pintler Mountain ranges including a lot of beautiful scenery. Because we had so much fun and comrade on this ride some of us took a ride together THE FOLLOWING DAY to the Pipestone Recreation area.
The July ride through Tizer Basin in the Elkhorn Mountains is rescheduled for Saturday July 23rd. The route is open to all ATV-OHV vehicles and is approximately 30 miles. This ride has the possibility of seeing elk, moose, deer, bear and other wildlife along with the host providing history of the area. It includes views of Bullock Mountain, Tizer and Hidden Lake, Tizer Basin Ranger Station, Golden Age Mine, Crow Creek drainage and an old mining dredge. For the most part, these trails are old mining and Forest Service roads that is questionable whether suitable for beginner skill level riders. The first five miles follows the creek bottom but after that there is a lot of rocks, boulders, some washouts, bogs and moderate side hills. Due to a limited parking & unloading area, this is a must pre-register ride. To register, contact ride host; Mike Sedlock @. 465-0031 or mikesed.waliguy@gmail.com. Go to our CTVA website (ctva-ohv.com) to view our 2016 ride schedule and photos.

Submitted by Mike Sedlock
Steering Committee Chairman
Contact info;
Phone: 406-465-0031
Email: mikesed.waliguy@gmail.co

Cave Gulch Trail Project

2016 Cave Gulch Trail Project

The lower end of the Cave Gulch Trail located on the East side of Canyon Ferry Lake had a dangerous side hill combined with steep rock ledges to climb. Capital Trail Vehicle Association located in Helena obtained a grant in conjunction with the Forest Service to reroute this 3/4 miles of trail. With approval from the Forest Service, the project was worked on and completed prior to the May 15th trail opening. The accompanying photos don’t do justice as to the difficulty of work involved due to the amount of rock that had to be jack hammered and moved with the excavator and the hard work that the CTVA trail crew had to do manually to cut and remove downed trees prior to the excavator work. One of the photos shows the steep side hill degree that the excavator operator had to work on. In June we installed a picnic table and fire ring on the trail overlooking Canyon Ferry Lake that was included in the project by the Forest Service. This is an under 50 inch trail and the restriction barriers will be installed soon.

Submitted by: Mike Sedlock
CTVA Steering Committee Chairman
Ride 5-17-2015
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