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Tester wants MORE wilderness
Dear Recreationist,
According to an article this week in the Dillon Tribune, Commissioner Mike McGinley said, "Tester needs to pay people back who supported his election." Senator Tester's office informed the county that the Senator is committed to putting a wilderness bill though congress this session. The staff of Senator Tester is putting pressure on the Beaverhead commissioners to support either the Partnership Agreement or HR 980, the wilderness bill. The Partnership proposes 575,000 acres of additional wilderness in the B-D and HR 980 will create 1.6 million acres of additional wilderness in this forest and 9 million acres state wide. 

The county commission in Beaverhead is opposed to Senator Tester's wilderness and it is important for the members of CBU to support them.

Please call or fax Senator Tester today. More wilderness in the Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest or Montana will hurt everyone. Loss of access, jobs, local economies will suffer.

Senator Tester


Fax: 202-224-8594

The Tester staff offices that are pushing the wilderness bill are Missoula and Butte. Call Tester's office in
Missoula: 406-728-3003 and Butte: 406-723-3277

Let them know that the more than 500,000 acres of additional wilderness proposed in the Beaverhead Partnership Agreement is unacceptable.

Wilderness is used by less than 3 percent of the general public!

Our Montana Senator Jon Tester will soon be bringing us a wilderness bill. No doubt this bill will be presented as a land management bill and be portrayed as being the right thing to do for Montana. Nothing could be further from the truth.

CBU will do everything we can to combat this bad "lock it up" legislation.

We need your help!

Here are just a few facts that people should know about Tester's wilderness.

Less than 3 percent of the population use wilderness!

Wilderness puts these lands off limits to the physically challenged and any type of active management! Forever!

Fires in wilderness are left to burn, destroying wildlife, watersheds, our air quality and putting neighboring private property at risk!

The targeted lands in this bill have roads, trails, marketable timber, mining in-holders, grazing leases, snowmobile areas, etc that will all be taken away!

Tester raised his money to get elected in San Fransisco and the East coast so now it is payback time for all his environmental out of state friends. It sure does not take long for someone to move to the dark side once they are elected to office.

We must send a strong message to Senator Tester that wilderness is not the right thing to do for Montana.

Kerry White
Citizens for Balanced Use
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