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Author Topic: Candidates for Montana Supreme Court Judge  (Read 3494 times)
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« on: September 08, 2010, 02:11:18 PM »

Citizens for Balanced Use
Baker and MWA

CBU has been reviewing the candidates for the Montana Supreme Court and we believe our supporters should know a couple of facts regarding this important race.

Judge Nels Swandal is a third generation Montanan from Wilsall and still lives in the same valley his grandparents settled over 100 years ago.
•   15 years District Court Judge for Montana's 6th Judicial Court
•   30 years United States Army
•   Retired Colonel and the State Staff Judge Advocate for Montana
•   11 years Park County Attorney
•   Current President Montana Judges Association
•   2009 CASA Judge of the year
•   Recieved Army Commendation Medal and Legion of Merit
Judge Swandal has tried hundreds of cases as a judge and also has been involved in hundreds of cases as a prosecuting and defense attorney.

Candidate Beth Baker on the other hand has never presided over a single case.
•   Never been a judge
•   Raised money for her campaign from environmental groups.
•   Married to Tim Baker, executive director of Montana Wilderness Association
It is important to note that CBU does not endorse any candidates for political office but we do distribute imformation to voters in an effort to assist the public in making an informed decision.
Article Headline
I will be attending the EQC meeting in Helena on September 14th at 11:30am. Chairman Chas Vincent will be discussing new private property land takings by FWP for proposed stream setbacks under a near web-based program called "Crucial Areas Planning System" (CAPS).
CAPS is not a science based program but only a mapping application with many GIS layers.
Here is a list of the layers in the CAPS.
•   500 fish and wildlife species
•   Vegetation communities
•   Terrestrial habitat information
•   Fisheries habitat information
•   Habitat connectivity
•   Stream connectivity
•   Native Species Richness
•   Species of concern including 11 species of birds
•   Conservation Acquisition Targets
•   Bio-diversity
•   Game quality
•   Wetlands
•   Riparian areas
•   Watershed integrity
•   Human caused influences
•   Energy development
•   Energy corridors
•   Transportation corridors
•   Density populations out to 2020
•   Legal Boundaries
•   Hunter activity and expenditures
•   Human caused influences (including 13 variables)
•   Developnment
•   Infrastructure
More layers are planned to be added to this application!

The Madison County Planning Board listened to a presentation by FWP staffer Doris Fisher at their August 30th meeting. Several comments by Ms. Fisher should concern every property owner in Montana. It seems the FWP will now engage in land use planning. Here are a few of Ms. Fisher's comments at this meeting.
•   Buffers and setbacks for water bodies (130 to 300 feet)
•   Buffers and setbacks along with density requirements for native grasslands and shrubs.
•   "the smaller the setback range, the greater the human encroachment."
•   "it would be ideal for people to consult with FWP before they made a land purchase."
•   create "living with Wildlife" covenants for projects.
•   "The goal is to decrease habitat fragmentation and increase habitat connectivity and habitat corridors across state lines."
•   "entire counties in Montana have been identified as Areas of Concern."
Their is absolutly no science behind the CAPS project by FWP and none of this information has been peer reviewed. It is all about land control and removing humans from the enviroment.

It is very clear that FWP is fully engaged in the Wildlands Project and the Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative. It will take the full involvement of Montana citizens to turn this around.
Please mark your calendar for
 EQC meeting
September 14th,
 Helena State Capitol,
room 172.

Kerry White
Citizens for Balanced Use


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